Welcome to this website.  We are RV Rental Adventures.  Our featured travel trailer rental is "Happy Travels" (a 2017 Forest River R-Pod 180 which is of the lightest in its class).  Happy Travels is an awesome trailer rental and comes fully loaded with a 200 watt solar panel system and a 450W inverter (for all of you dry campers out there), unique safety features including a door viewer, window stoppers for the inside windows so you can have them open yet still keep them locked in place, a secure indoor safe for your valuables and all the necessary trailer hitch locks.  Enjoy a queen size bed and a dinette that also turns into a bed, along with all of the amenities including a microwave, tv, stereo, stove, refrigerator, ceiling fan & vent, a dry bath and even an additional outside shower for this special trailer rental.  It accomodates both large parties and small as it sleeps 3 adults comfortably on the inside and 5 more in the R Dome tent dome (made specifically for this R-Pod) which attaches directly to the outside of it, thus sleeping 8 which is hard to find for an RV rental of this size.  You will be provided with most of the essentials for your RV rental trip with this fine travel trailer, from toilet paper to plates, to cups, silverware, frying pans, etc.  You will even get a mini laptop computer to take with you during the course of your RV rental which has a professional file downloaded onto it with some very useful instructional videos and documents to answer most any question you may have about how to use the R-Pod during your trip.  Whether you're new to RVing or not, just follow our awesome easy to use system and you'll really feel like a pro RV'er in no time.  Contact us if you'd like more info.

              Also, if you'd like to rent out a different kind of trailer or motorhome just simply contact us and we can arrange for you to meet with an owner of a camper that meets your rental needs. Likewise, if you are an RV owner and would like to make some extra cash renting out your trailer or motorhome, we can also find you renters and professionally lead them through the entire rental process for a flat percentage fee of each rental.  It's worth the cost to alleviate you of the headaches and hassles that go into preparing your RV and your renters to rent out your trailer or motorhome safely and effectively

              Lastly, back to Happy Travels.  We currently have 2 promotions for all renters of it; a first time renters discount and 2 free nights to any qualified renter who books 3 different rentals within any 6 month period.  If you do decide you'd like to Book A Rental with Happy Travels, don't forget to add any optional items like linens, bath towels, pick up, or delivery if you'd like any of those extras.  Then, before you know it you'll be renting out this very beautiful R-Pod 180 travel trailer and be overly glad you did.  Happy Travels.  :).

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